Welcome to OMNIMONT d.o.o. The Naval Architecture and Design Yacht company.On this website you will find everything you need to know about our services,innovation,performance and quality in naval engineering.We offer our customers the complete solution.

OMNIMONT d.o.o. have the skills and knowledge to offer a world class Naval Architectural and engineering service.And an unmatched depth of experience with all hull form types, propulsion systems, concepts, and structural materials.

OMNIMONT d.o.o. has a long running proven vessel design.Including vessels ranging in size from 5m to 105 m in length with speeds up to 50 knots.
Including an Offshore energy range. Defence and security range of vessels. Boats, Yachts  and Commercial vessels.

We were established in Split,Croatia  in 1994.
Our services include:
-Naval architecture
-Mechanical engineering
-Structural Engineering
-Concept and preliminary design
-Class level design
-Production design
-Consultancy and project management
-Marine operation

Miroslav Pelajić,BSc.Nav.Arch.

has 35 years experiencein Naval Architecture and engineering. From development to the build of commercial and operational craft. He started his career at Brodospilt Shipyard spending a number of years gaining experience developing their merchant fleet. This lead to a period asTechnical Director, designing and building specialist merchant ships in Croatia.  Miroslav has an in depth understanding of marine design, engineering and construction.Working on many complex projects throughout his career.

Krešo Biluš,BSc.Nav.Arch.

started his career 2011 in Croatia as a Junior designer.  Working within the aluminium industry shipbuilders and refit. In 2014 he moved to the Netherlands and worked as a Naval Architect/designer subcontractor. He has worked with leading Mega yacht industry shipbuilders and offshore projects.His responsibilities extend in particular to the structural&concept design,strength calculation, and project engineer.He has developed within OMNIMONT d.o.o. the Basadura concept which the company is actively working on now.